Ideas For Easter

Here are some good videos..

Idea 1

Set up an Easter Museum with the kids. 

  • Use a large room and divide it into 6 sections - 1 - Palm Sunday, 2 - last supper, 3 - trial, 4 - crucification, 5 - tomb, 6 - ascension. 

  • Give the kids a number of building materials (paper, wood, hammer, twine, cardboard boxes, scissors, tape, glue, stuffed animals, blocks, lego, bread, tables, grape juice etc.).  Assign an older child or a leader to each of the sections to help the kids work together and gather all of their ideas.

  • Ask the kids to set up a display for each of the sections.

  • When parents come to pick up their kids have the kids lead them through the museum and explain all the different sections.

Idea 2

Make lawn signs for easter morning.

  • use small wooden stakes, bristol board and paint

  • Tell the kids that they are going to make signs for Easter. Brainstorm with the kids all the things they could write or draw on their signs. For example - Jesus is alive! Happy Easter! Draw a picture of an empty tomb.

  • Give each child a piece of bristol board and let them make their signs.

  • Put the small wooden stakes in the ground (I like to put them in the lawn at the front of the church, then when the kids are finished their signs and they are dry, use a staple gun to attach their signs to the stakes.

Idea 3

Take a few weeks to explain why Jesus had to die to take away our sins. Explain the idea that the payment for sin is death. So if we lived back before Jesus died and we sinned, then we would have to either die or kill an animal to pay for our sins. When Jesus died, He paid the price for all of us.

Two weeks before Easter

  • Work with the kids to create a replica of the tabernacle.

  • Use cardboard boxes, curtains, lights for the lamp stands, tape, a metal rack, candles etc.  Give them a few pictures so they know what they are building (there is a good picture here

  • I have put together some explanations here.

  • Once everything is built talk about the idea of sin, and how the payment for sin is death. Talk about sacrificing the animals to pay for your sins before getting close to God.

  • Talk about how getting close to God could be really dangerous. Talk about the Holy of Holies and tie a tope around one of the kids or a leader and let them go in to that area.

One week before Easter

  • Let the kids build three large crosses and a tomb - put a stone in front of the tomb.

Easter Sunday

  • let the kids rip the curtain in the temple, and roll the stone away from the tomb.  Have a talk with the kids about how we can now be close to God because he paid for our sins.  

  • Have a party with balloons and cupcakes. Ask the kids to write all the things they like to do with Jesus on their balloons.

Idea 4
Have a bon fire with the kids. 

  • Tell the kids the story of Easter around the fire.  Focus on the part that Peter denied Jesus 3 times.  Talk about how Jesus sat with Peter at the fire and forgave him and asked him to feed his sheep.  

Idea 5

Make thank you cards to Jesus.

  • Have a big cross ready and some nails and hammers. 

  • Ask the kids to make thank you cards to Jesus.  Ask them to draw pictures, and tell him how much they love him. 

  • Once they have finished their cards, let the kids nail them to the cross.  

Idea 6

Make wooden crosses.

  • Bring in enough wood, hammers and nails for each kid to make their own wooden cross. 

  • Give each child marker and let them write thank you notes or draw thank you pictures to Jesus. 

Idea 7

Make a video and show it to the church on Easter Sunday.

  • Divide the easter story up into small sections so the kids can draw a picture of each section, (write the section on the back of their piece of paper along with their name).  I like to give the kids pastels and large pieces of paper for their pictures so they know it’s special and will do a good job.  

  • While the kids are drawing their pictures, take them one by one and record their voices telling the Easter story.  Ask them questions to get them talking.  For example if you want to hear more about the last supper, ask them a question like what did everyone do at the last supper?  When they answer the question get them to start with “at the last supper the disciples….”  This gives context when piecing all the audio together.  

  • Once all the audio has been recorded and pictures are finished, I like to piece the audio together using garage band, then upload the audio file into iMovie and put the pictures into the correct order.