Mark 1:40-45 - Jesus Heals a Man with Leprosy

Here is a good video

Idea 1

  • Line all the kids up on one side of the room, give each of them a piece of paper that will say clean or unclean.  

  • Choose one kid to be Jesus.  

  • Have Jesus walk in on one side of the room and line everyone up on the other.  Everyone needs to go and touch Jesus.  The people who are unclean need to go on their knees begging asking Jesus to make them clean, while the clean people can just run to him. (everyone should be running at the same time)

  • Once the person touches Jesus, they run back to the start line where they get another piece of paper and start again, either running or crawling to Jesus.  

  • You can play this as a race, to see how many times each kid can touch Jesus or if the kids are younger, play it just for fun.

Idea 2

Read this story to the kids -

  • Every time you say the word leper or leprosy - have the kids yell out “unclean”

  • Every time you say the word Jesus - have the kids yell out “Jesus makes us clean”

Idea 3

As each of the kids come in put a sticker on their back that will either say clean or unclean.  

  • play a game where the kids can dance around and then when you say a number the kids need to get into groups with that number of people. (ex, if you say 3, then kids need to get into groups of 3)

  • There is a twist to this game, unclean and clean people can not be mixed, so kids will have to read the words on each others back and make sure they are not mixed into the wrong groups.

  • After the game is over, explain that back in bible times there were people who were unclean because of various reasons, some people would get diseases and become unclean.  Ask the kids who were unclean how they felt when they were excluded from different groups during the game.  Did they feel lonely?

Idea 4

  • Ask the kids if they have ever been lonely or felt all alone?

  • Explain to them, that people with leprosy were all alone.  They couldn’t be around other people because they would get leprosy as well.  That means they couldn’t be near their friends or family, they were all alone.  Jesus doesn’t want us to be all alone, and he doesn’t want us to be sick either.  Jesus touched a man that no one else could touch.  He had compassion on him, and healed him, so he could be around Jesus, he could be around his friends and family and he was healed.  

  • Pray for people who you know are all alone or lonely.  

Idea 5

Read Mark 1:40-45 in the bible.  Divide the class into two teams and ask these questions…

  • What kind of a disease did the man who came to Jesus have?

  • What did the man with leprosy want from Jesus?

  • What did Jesus do when the man asked to be made clean?

  • What was the man supposed to do once he was healed?

  • What did the man do once he was healed?


There are three lessons divided up into age groups. All groups begin together for the large group time, then they break off into their smaller age groups.

Kindergarten and Grade 1

Grades 2,3

Grades 4,5