Zacchaeus - Luke 19:1-10

Here are some good videos to watch

Idea 1

Tree making contest

  • Divide yourselves up into groups of 5

  • Choose one person in each group to be a tree.

  • They can choose their own pose, then have the others in the group decorate that person so they look like a tree.

Idea 2

Write Zaccheaus’ name on the ceiling.

  • Divide yourselves into groups of 5 and give each group a roll of painters tape.

  • Remind the kids that Zaccheaus needed to get up high to see Jesus.  

  • Get all the kids in each group to work together to write Zaccheaus’ name in tape of the ceiling.  Don’t let kids use chairs or any other objects, ask them to help each other.  

Idea 3

Tell the story of Zaccheaus to the kids and show how Zaccheaus changed once he met Jesus.

  • Choose a leader to pretend to be Zaccheaus

  • Tell the kids everything there is to know about Zaccheaus before he met Jesus, he was a tax collector, he lied, he stole, he didn’t share.  

  • Once the kids know a bit about Zaccheaus ask them for words that describe him.  Each time a child gives you a word about Zaccheaus write it in big letters on a piece of paper and tape it to him.  The words cold be something like greedy, mean, selfish etc.

  • Choose another leader to be Jesus.  Have Jesus tell Zaccheaus that they are having lunch at his house.

  • Let Jesus and Zaccheaus leave.  When they are gone, the two of them will go through all the names that are on Zaccheaus’ body, they will cross them out and replace them with words that explain how he changed.  For example, if one of the words is greedy, it could be crossed out and generous could be written instead.   

  • Have Zaccheaus come back into the room.  Go through all the words with the kids and see how he has changed.  Have Zaccheaus make an apology to all the kids and give them each some money (it could be chocolate money).

Idea 4

Do this craft with the kids -

Idea 5

Read Zaccheaus on page 400 in The Spark Bible

There are three lessons divided up into age groups. All groups begin together for the large group time, then they break off into their smaller age groups.

Kindergarten and grade 1

Grades 2,3

Grades 4,5