Peter Heals a Lame Beggar - Acts 3:1-11

Here are some good videos

Idea 1  

Play a game of volley ball or soccer in a sitting position.  This is played in the Paralympics, here is a video   People can move around and they can hit the ball with their hands, but their butt needs to be touching the ground at all times.  Talk about what it means when your legs don’t work.  What challenges would the lame man face?

Idea 2

Read Acts 3:1-11 to the kids.  Ask them to sit down when you read, but they need to listen carefully because when it gets to the part where the lame man is healed, they all need to stand up.  Ask them to listen to the story another time, and think of something they would want to ask the lame beggar.  

Idea 3

Make a list of all the things the lame beggar, would need, for example friends to help him get from place to place, people giving him money, etc.    How hard would life have been for him back then?  Look at the list, think about when the lame man was healed, cross out all the things on the list the lame man wouldn’t need any more.  

Idea 4

Print John 14:12-14 on a piece of paper and hide it somewhere in your room.  Send the kids on a hunt to find it.  Once the paper is found, read it out loud.  Ask the kids what they think of it.  What does it mean?  Why were Peter and John able to pray for the lame man, and he was healed?

Idea 5

Write news paper articles about the miracle or the lame man being healed.

Idea 6

Read “Peter Heals” on page 506 of The Spark Bible

Idea 7

Talk about how God can change us.  Tell stories from our own lives about how God has changed us.