The Ascension - Matthew 28:16 - end

Here are some good videos

Idea 1

  • Ascension contest.  Put the kids into mixed aged groups and give each group a piece of tape.  Have a contest between groups as to who can put their piece of tape the highest up on a wall.

  • The group who can get their piece of tape the highest will win an ascension ribbon, or hat, or crown.

Idea 2

Make disciples

  • Give the kids a wooden cut out of a person: Buy here

  • Let them decorate their person and give them a name

  • Ask the kids to tell their person about Jesus, ask them to repeat after you.  

  • Jesus is the son of God, (kids repeat)

  • He lived and died for you, (kids repeat)

  • He loves you (kids repeat)

  • Jesus will always be with you (kids repeat)

  • Let the kids baptize their person in a cup of water or in the sink.

  • As a class make a list of rules that Jesus has asked us to follow.

  • The teacher can read out the rules and the kids can say “Amen.”

Idea 3 

  • Have a discussion with the kids about sharing the gospel.

  • brainstorm together things that you can say to other people, make a list on a piece of paper or on the board.

  • Write letters sharing the gospel.  Put the letters in envelopes and go for a walk with the kids.  

  • When you find a parked car, but the letter on the person’s windshield.

Idea 4

  • Make a news paper article about Jesus appearance and ascension.  

  • Use a white board and divide it into sections, choose different headings as a group and then let the kids get creative.

Idea 5

  • Using a big piece of mural paper or cardboard, ask one of the kids to lay down, make an outline of their body, and then cut out the outline.  

  • Let the kids colour in the cut out person to look like Jesus.

  • Attach the cut out Jesus to a rope, and put the rope over a door frame or over the railing of a balcony.  

  • Let the kids take turns putting the rope so Jesus ascends.  

Idea 6

  • Read “Going Home” on page 318 in The Jesus Storybook Bible

Idea 7

  • Read the story in the bible - in their heads, with as much attention to detail as possible.  

  • Ask them the following questions:  How many disciples were with Jesus?  What was the name of the mountain Jesus and the disciples visited?   What was the command given to the disciples?  How do you feel about Jesus saying He will always be with us?

Here are some formal lessons for kids in Kindergarten through to grade 5. The lessons begin with everyone as a large group and then everyone splits off into age groups.

Kindergarten and grade 1

Grades 2,3

Grades 4,5