Saul’s Conversion - Acts 9

Here are some good videos

Idea 1

Pick  someone to stand up in front of the group, let everyone study them and then send them away.  Ask the person to quickly change one thing about their appearance and then come back in front of the group.  See if anyone can figure out what changed in their appearance.

Idea 2

Ask everyone to get into pairs.  Blindfold one of the pairs.  Have the blindfolded people go through an obstacle course.

Idea 3

Play a big game of jail break.

Idea 4

Play true or false with the kids.  Use a big room and put up a true sign on one wall and a false sign on the other.  Ask them the following questions:

- Saul liked to put anyone who didn’t believe in Jesus in jail. (false)

- When Jesus spoke to Saul he fell to the ground.  (true)

- After Jesus spoke to Saul he wasn’t able to speak any more.  (false)

- Jesus asked Saul to go around hugging everyone who he met.  (false)

- When Saul got up from the ground he couldn’t see anything.  (True)

- God asked a man named Ananias to go and visit Saul.  (True)

- Ananias was too afraid to visit Saul because he knew that he was mean to Christians so Ananias told God that he couldn’t do it.  (False)

- Ananias prayed for Saul.  Saul completely changed and started telling others about Jesus.  (True)

Idea 5

Pray for people who are being persecuted for being Christians.  Here is a site with updated information.

Idea 6

Talk with the kids about how Jesus can change our lives.  Think of a child appropriate story from your own life of how Jesus changed your life and share it with the kids.  Ask them if they can think of any stories from their own lives or anyones life about how Jesus changed their life.