John The Baptist - Matthew 3:1-10

Here are a few good videos


Get the kids to make a road, or an entrance for a king.  What would it look like to greet a king?  How would you want the entrance to look?  How would you want to look if you were to greet a king?

Get a real locust and talk about what it would be like to eat it.

Do relay races where kids need to put on some John the Baptist clothes (something itchy, fake animal fur)  run to the other side, eat some honey and come back.

Read “Heaven Breaks Through” on page 200 in the Jesus Storybook Bible

Read “John the Baptist” on page 234 in The Spark Bible

Talk about the word repent.  What does it mean?  Give some examples of kids who have done something wrong and have a chance to repent - what could they do to show that they have repented?  

People were lining up in the desert because the knew the King was coming.  We know that Jesus is coming again, what can we do to get ourselves ready?  

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