Pentecost - Acts 2:1-4

Here are some good videos.

Idea 1

Have a bon fire with the kids.  Let them make s’mores, but leave out the marshmallows and graham crackers. 

  • Ask them “how can they make s’mores without some key ingredients?”

  • Tell them the story of pentecost, imagine flames coming down from heaven and then separating.  Tell them about the holy spirit, how, it is a helper and a guide, it can give us the words to speak, and changes us.  

  • Give them the graham crackers and marshmallows and let the kids make real s’mores.  

Idea 2

Read “God sends Help” on page 326 of the Jesus Storybook Bible

Idea 3

Play a game of blindfolded dodgeball.

  • get the kids to work in partners.  One partner is blindfolded and the other can see.  

  • Spread out a number of balls throughout the room. 

  • Let the blindfolded people play dodgeball without any help from anyone.  (when the get a ball they can only roll it along the floor)

  • During the next round, let the partners of the blindfolded people guide them to find balls and roll them in a way that will get someone else out.

  • Explain to the kids that the holy spirit is like our partners guiding us.

Idea 4

Create Meme’s about life without the Holy Spirit.  

  • Kids can take pictures of themselves in different situations, print it out them write a meme on top of it.  

  • an example of a picture would be a kid walking with a blind fold on, trying to jump on the bouncy castle without any air in it, dry your hair with nothing to plug your hair dryer into, draw a picture with no markers etc.

Idea 5

  • Talk with the kids about nudges from the Holy Spirit.  Share a story from your own life of a time where you felt the Holy Spirit nudging you to do something.  Maybe encourage someone, or help someone else.  Ask the kids if they have any stories where they felt the Holy Spirit nudging them?

Idea 6

Make head bands out of paper and have the kids draw flames.  Attach the flames to the head bands so when the kids wear them, it looks like the flames are above their heads.  

Here are some formal lessons for kids in Kindergarten through to grade 5. The lessons begin with everyone as a large group and then everyone splits off into age groups.

Kindergarten and grade 1

Grades 2,3

Grades 4,5

Meme’s sheet