Jesus Sends Out The 12 Disciples - Matthew 10:1-15

Idea 1

Call 14 kids up to the front and using a script tell the story of Jesus sending the disciples out to the nearby towns.  

  • Have one person be the narrator, another Jesus, and 12 people for each of the disciples. 

  • Read through the script and have each person say their line.

  • Once the skit is finished tell everyone that this is a story where we get to make up the endings. 

  • Divide the kids who have been watching the skit into groups and ask them to go to different parts of the room.  Each group of kids will represent a different town.  Ask each town to think of a problem that one or two people could have.  

  • Send two disciples to each town, let them find out what problems each town has and pray for them and heal them.  

Idea 2

Make a Jesus tree (kind of like a family tree).  Put Jesus at the top, then the 12 disciples underneath,  then all the people who would have been in the towns, then all the people in the world.  

Idea 3

 Play the memory game with small groups of kids.  

  • Ask each kid to think of something they would need to take on a journey.

  • Start with the first kid get them to say - I’m going on a journey and I need to take a  _________.

  • Then the next kid will say - I’m going on a journey and I need to take a (name what the first kid will bring and a _________.

  • Then the next kid will say the same thing and add their object at the end of the sentence.  

Idea 4  - I got this idea from here

  • Put tape over a set of dominos so kids can’t see the dots and they are able to draw people on the dominos.  

  • Have the kids draw Jesus on one of the dominos, each of the 12 disciples on another 12 dominos, themselves on the next dominos, then their friends who don’t know Jesus on another set of dominos.

  • Line all the dominos up in order of Jesus at the beginning, the 12 disciples, the kids in the class, then all the friends who don’t know Jesus.  

  • Talk about passing the message of Jesus on to others, Jesus passed the message onto the 12 disciples, who passed it on, and passed it on, and now it is our turn to pass it on.

  • Let the kids keep the domino with their friends picture on it, take time as a class to pray for all the friends.

Idea 5

Ask the kids what they would take if they were going on a trip.  Say something like

  • touch your head if you would take food

  • put one foot in the air if you would take your Mom or Dad

  • stand up if you would take some clothes

  • rub your tummy if you would take your favourite toys

  • touch the floor if you would bring a book

  • jump up and down if you would bring a toothbrush

  • put your hands in the air if you would bring bandaids

Ask the kids how they would feel if they couldn’t bring any of these things?  How would they feel going on a trip where they couldn’t bring anything?


Kindergarten and Grade 1

Grades 2,3

Grades 4,5

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