Escape to Egypt - Matthew 2:13-23

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Idea 1

Read Escape to Egypt on page 224 in the Spark Bible

Idea 2

Play three different rounds of dodge ball with the kids.  Name the two teams King Herod and King Jesus.  Play elimination for all three rounds (when someone gets hit by a ball they are out).

- Round 1 - let everything be fair, anyone can touch the ball, and if you are hit, you are out. 

Round 2 - tell Team Jesus that they are not allowed to touch the ball, they can only dodge the balls that are coming at them.  (When the round is over explain to the kids that this is what was like for the people of Bethlehem when Herod ordered all the babies to be killed)

Round 3 - Before the game begins, take all of team Jesus out of the game.  (explain to the kids that God told Joseph in a dream to go to Egypt)

Idea 3

Tell the story, assign parts for all the kids to act out (King Herod, army, Mary, Joseph, Jesus, angel).  Have the room sectioned off so one section is Israel and another section is Egypt.  Tell the story, and have the kids act it out as you go.  

Idea 4

Compare King Herod and King Jesus.

Idea 5

Talk about refugees.  Have someone who has fled their country come and talk to the kids.  Here is a good resource…

Idea 6

Talk about all the ways that God took care of Jesus in the story.  Talk about all the ways that God takes care of us.  

Idea 7

Get some mural paper and ask the kids to draw or write down things that scare them.  Flip the paper over, and talk about all the ways that God helps us when we are scared.  (He sometimes takes us out of situations, He is always with us and will hold our hands when things are scary, He gives us words to speak etc.  

Idea 8

Tell a story about when you were scared, how did God help you?

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Escape to Egypt - kindergarten and grade 1

Escape to Egypt - Grades 2,3

Escape to Egypt - Grades 4,5