Jesus Calls The Disciples - Luke 5:1-11

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Idea 1

Play “Fishy Wishy in the Deep Blue Sea”.  Line all the kids up on one side of the room and choose one person to be “it” and let them stand in the middle of the room.  The kids who are lined up need need to run to the other side of the room without getting caught by the person who is it.  If someone is caught they become seaweed.  Their legs need to stand still but they can move their arms around and try to catch other people.  

Idea 2

Read “Let’s Go” in the Jesus Storybook Bible on page 208.  

Idea 3

Make a list of what makes people really good leaders?  Do they work hard, speak well, do they have good ideas?  What kind of people did Jesus choose to be his leaders?  What was Jesus looking for in a leader?  

Idea 4

Ask each of the kids to think of a friend for whom they would like to pray, tell them about Jesus and invite them to church.  Let them make little cut outs of all their friend, and they can colour them in and put a magnet on them.  Lay all the friends down in the room, and give the kids fishing rods with magnets on the end.  Ask the kids to pray for their friends as they are fishing for them.  

Idea 5

Tell a story of when God called you to do something?  What did it feel like?  What did God ask you to do?  

Idea 6

Jesus calls us to follow him.  What does that look like?  How do we follow him every day? - we can start by saying yes, to everything he asks us to do.  What does God ask us to do? Read these verses to see what God asks us to do.  Romans 10:9, Acts 3:19, John 15:13-14.

Idea 7

Play follow the leader.  Have a crown that says Jesus on it.  Let the kids take turns putting on the crown and pretending to be Jesus.  The kids wearing the crown is the leader.  The can san “follow me” and then lead through an obstacle course.  Then switch up and let another kid be the leader.

Idea 8
Bring in a boat and some fishing nets.  Let the kids sit in the boat.  Then ask someone to pretend to be Jesus, walk by and say “follow me”.  See how fast the kids can get out of the boat and follow Jesus.  

Idea 9
Divide the kids into groups.  Give each of the groups a copy of Luke 5:1-11 with highlighted words.  Have a leader with each of the groups, the leader will have a phone or a camera.  Read through Luke 5:1-11 with the kids.  Then go on a scavenger hunt for all the highlighted words.  When the kids find one of the objects take a picture of it.  When the kids get back, take a look at all their pictures.  

Kindergarten and grade 1 lesson

Grades 2,3 lesson

Grades 4,5 lesson

Luke 5:1-11- Scavenger Hunt