The Wisemen - Matthew 2:1-12

Here are a few good videos.

Idea 1

Play this quiz for the kids - have one side of the room as red, the other as green and the other as blue.  Get them to run to the wall that they think is correct.  

Idea 2

Read “The King of All Kings" in The Jesus Storybook Bible to the kids

Idea 3

Make a path of stars (like a treasure hunt) for the kids to follow.  At the end of the stars have Baby Jesus lying in a manger.  Talk with the kids how Jesus is the greatest treasure of all.  

Idea 4

Let one of the leaders dress up as a star.  Have everyone follow them.

Idea 5

Play pass the parcel.  Talk about the best presents you have been given and the best presents you have given to someone else.  What would be the very best present you could give Jesus?  

Idea 6

Get out a map and show the kids how far the wisemen traveled.  Compare it to a distance they could understand, let them guess how long it would take to cover that distance by camel -

Idea 7

Get some real gold, frankincense and myrrh to show the kids, then explain the meanings of the presents.  Gold means Jesus is king, frankincense means Jesus is God and myrrh means that Jesus was going to die - 

Idea 8

Have camel races.  Get big kids to partner up with little kids.  The big kids are the camels and the little kids are the wise men.  Tell them that the space they need to get through is the desert, and put a big star at the finish line.  In the middle of the race you could have different things happen like a wind storm, or the camels stop to have a drink etc.  

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