John The Baptist - Matthew 3:1-10

Here are a few good videos

Idea 1

Get the kids to make a road, or an entrance for a king.  What would it look like to greet a king?  How would you want the entrance to look?  How would you want to look if you were to greet a king?

Idea 2

Get a real locust and talk about what it would be like to eat it.

Idea 3

Do relay races where kids need to put on some John the Baptist clothes (something itchy, fake animal fur)  run to the other side, eat some honey and come back.

Idea 4

Read “Heaven Breaks Through” on page 200 in the Jesus Storybook Bible

Idea 5

Read “John the Baptist” on page 234 in The Spark Bible

Idea 6

Talk about the word repent.  What does it mean?  Give some examples of kids who have done something wrong and have a chance to repent - what could they do to show that they have repented?  

Idea 7

People were lining up in the desert because the knew the King was coming.  We know that Jesus is coming again, what can we do to get ourselves ready?  

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